Monday, 24 October 2011

Quick Tip: Flex 4.5 Form Spacing

Users of the new Flex 4.5 Form will notice that the vertical spacing between FormItems is quite significant. A quick fix to this is to alter the gap of the layout, e.g.:

    <s:FormLayout gap="-14"/> 



Do note, however, that this will cause layout issues when adding controls to the Form that are not wrapped in FormItems. An alternative solution is to roll a custom FormItem skin which alters the  row constraint declaration as follows:

  <!--- @private -->
  <s:ConstraintRow id="row1" baseline="maxAscent:0" height="100%"/>

instead of the default

  <!--- @private -->
  <s:ConstraintRow id="row1" baseline="maxAscent:10" height="100%"/>

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